An Education in Marriage

Christine Whelan | Posted on 03/23/10

According to new data released this month from the National Center for Health Statistics, better-educated Americans are more likely to marry, and less likely to cohabitate.

And while The New York Times covered this report-and included this really terrific graphic with many key findings-had the study said the reverse (that the educated are fleeing from marriage) you'd better believe the media coverage would have been that much greater.

The 2010 Census will prove what I've been saying since my 2006 book, Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women: Educated men and women are doing just fine in the marriage market. This group marries a little older, and a lot wiser. The concerning trend is among the less affluent, less educated and minority groups where marriage is still the ideal goal, but cohabitation has become the reality.

Yes, the vast majority of my college students will cohabitate at some point. But odds are they'll also transition those relationships into a more stable marital union. Let's stop worrying about them and concentrate our efforts on the have-nots in the family arena.

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