April Fools on You

Posted on 04/01/10

Google's popular search tool offers an auto-complete function: If you hesitate mid typing, the website will generate possible ends to your query, based on popular searches. Much hilarity ensues. (For example, typing in "Who should" at various different times will offer myriad amusing responses.)

But as I was searching for the Amazon link to my book, Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women, I paused for just a second too long before the first and second word of the title. And, well, as a quick peek into the English-speaking world's concerns this week... yikes.

OK, it's a slow news week. But c'mon, that made you laugh, didn't it? Also worth a chuckle today: Google's April Fool's press release on changing it's name to Topka (and the chart about how to use the new name in a sentence: i.e. "Before our blind date, I did a Topkea search on him.")

But back to the business at hand. Let's try some answers these burning questions of "why" by Google:

  1. Because owning people is illegal and wrong. Even if they talk kinda funny.
  2. Because you ate too many green Peeps.
  3. Because you were drunk in Vegas?
  4. Because it reflects off the ocean. Or something.
  5. Because... wait... do dogs really eat poop?
  6. I have no idea what this means.
  7. Margaret Atwood has some ideas, but we don't really know.
  8. Well, at least it didn't have to ask Google.
  9. You can dance if you want to.
  10. Beccccaaaausssse.

And this, my friends, is what the English speaking world wants to know.

Values by Google.

And that's no foolin' -- test it out for yourself.

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