Coveting a Thing (Part I)

Christine Whelan | Posted on 06/24/10

I strolled over to my local Apple store at 6:45 a.m., naively thinking I could get a quick cup of coffee and join the gathering of perhaps 10 other people crazy enough to arrive for the first moments of the iPhone 4 launch

There were nearly 1000 people patiently queuing when I arrived.

I had a reservation -- made with great effort, I might add -- so my line was shorter. Only about 200 people or so ahead of me.

Police had set up barricades blocking off side streets. Reporters and photographers were out in force. And since  there's a furry convention in town this weekend there were no fewer than 10 folks dressed in... animal costumes... eagerly milling about for their chance at an iPhone 4 as well.

At 7:01, the crowd roared as the first iPhone 4 was sold. (One Apple employee told me that the customers at the front of the reservation line had been there since 4 a.m., with beach chairs.)

The folks in line around me joked about how late they could be for work, and, I fear, regarded me as a luddite when I bailed out of the line for a morning meeting.

Oh, the self-control!

Of course, I'm going back later in the morning and will bring a chair myself if necessary. I want an iPhone 4 today!

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