Good Friday, Great Column

Christine Whelan | Posted on 04/02/10

For days I've been thinking of something to say about the latest round of sex scandal news in the Catholic Church: I feel betrayed. Angry. Embarrassed. It's a hard time to be a practicing Catholic.

But Peggy Noonan's column in today's Wall Street Journal is the best response I've seen yet. She writes:

The press has been the best friend of the Catholic Church on the scandals because it exposed the story and made the church face it. The press forced the church to admit, confront and attempt to redress what had happened. The press forced them to confess. The press forced the church to change the old regime and begin to come to terms with the abusers. The church shouldn't be saying j'accuse but thank you.


There are three great groups of victims in this story. The first and most obvious, the children who were abused, who trusted, were preyed upon and bear the burden through life. The second group is the good priests and good nuns, the great leaders of the church in the day to day, who save the poor, teach the immigrant, and, literally, save lives. They have been stigmatized when they deserve to be lionized. And the third group is the Catholics in the pews-the heroic Catholics of American and now Europe, the hardy souls who in spite of what has been done to their church are still there, still making parish life possible, who hold high the flag, their faith unshaken. No one thanks those Catholics, sees their heroism, respects their patience and fidelity. The world thinks they're stupid. They are not stupid, and with their prayers they keep the world going, and the old church too.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone agrees. The piece has generated more than 100 comments in few hours, some of which are actually thoughtful.

Today we mourn. Easter, we hope, will bring new life and new clarity.

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