Ivy League Con Artist

Christine Whelan | Posted on 05/18/10

Talented Mr. Ripley gets caught... because he was greedy: Adam Wheeler, a 23-year-old Harvard student who conned his way into the University as a transfer student with fake credentials, was arrested yesterday when the Rhodes Scholarship committee tracked down his frauds and reported him to authorities.

Maybe serial-fraud reporter Stephen Glass was his role model, which would explain why Wheeler applied for a summer internship to The New Republic. This time, however, the magazine was smart enough not to be duped.

Click here for a copy of his "rather remarkable two-page resume, in which he claims that (a) he's contracted to write several books; (b) he can speak French, Old English, Classical Armenian, and Old Persian; and (c) he's in demand on the lecture circuit," reports The New Republic.

For more on the story, check out the Globe and Crimson's coverage.

To con artists everywhere, take heed: If you lied your way into Harvard, don't be greedy and apply for a Rhodes.

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