James Ray is Back

Christine Whelan | Posted on 03/26/10

He's baaaack...

James Arthur Ray is out on bail pending trial on three counts of manslaughter after cramming nearly 50 people into a sweat lodge at a self-help retreat in Arizona.

You'd think he'd lay low. But no. He's giving advice... online.

In the video, Ray says:

"You might be aware that I don't have a company any longer so I'm unable to produce the live events... So I'm going to ask you to join me here on the internet and we'll get together on a regular basis."

Um, seriously?

He's also back on Twitter sending out advice and updates.

"It's my gift to you," Ray says.

Brian Neuman, son of Liz Neuman who died in the sweat lodge mess, told AZFamily.com

If he's out of money and has manslaughter charges against him, he shouldn't be giving advice right now.

Well said.

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