Mail back your Census forms, people

Christine Whelan | Posted on 04/12/10

Only 65% of households have mailed in their 2010 Census form - down from 72% who had mailed them in by this time in 2000. Which is kind of embarrassing, because this year's Census is the shortest form in history. Just 10 questions, which will take 10 minutes, tops, to fill out and mail back. (The kids at Yale know how to do this, apparently.) 

If you don't mail your form in by April 16, you'll probably get a knock on your door in May. And that's a really costly housecall. (Only 42 cents if you mail it in vs. an average of $57 to count you by hiring folks to go door-to-door.)

As a reward for being a good citizen, after you fill out your form, watch Saturday Night Live's take on the whole process. It pretty funny. But seriously, people: Fill out your forms!

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