Pay Attention to Athens

Christine Whelan | Posted on 05/06/10

Things to read up on tonight: Greece is deep in debt, and the government has passed measures to raise taxes (and the retirement age) to pay its bills, which has led to riots in Athens, both yesterday and today, where three are dead and hundreds of protestors were "controlled" by tear gas and riot police beating crowds back from Constitution Square. The Guardian is doing a good live blog of the riots and business implications.

In response, investors worldwide panicked: U.S. markets tumbled more than 500 points today (we'll see where they close). If you're completely U.S.-centric, that's reason enough to pay attention to what's happening overseas right now.

And don't forget that today is Election Day in the United Kingdom... follow the results on the Times of London minute-by-minute blog or on the Guardian's election page or on CNN, which is doing its own good blog of the results and days event's.

Tonight, let's pay close attention to Athens so we don't end up with similar riots. And tomorrow, leaders and markets worldwide will need the virtue of patience to pick up the pieces.

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