The Future of Learning

Christine Whelan | Posted on 04/15/10

The way we think about learning environments is changing, argue the authors of a new report about how to better use technology in education. According to the K-12 Horizon Project Advisory Board report

More and more, the notion of the school as the seat of educational practice is changing as learners avail themselves of learning opportunities from other sources. There is a tremendous opportunity for schools to work hand-in-hand with alternate sources, to examine traditional approaches, and to reevaluate the content and experiences they are able to offer.

Translation: Game-based learning should be in our future. Classroom learning may soon be replaced by mentoring, online learning and independent study. 

But schools also socialize children, teaching them (ideally) core values for life. I'm all for more technology in schools, as long as we make sure the useful elements of socialization don't get lost along the way.

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