Tiger's Back, and I Don't Care

Christine Whelan | Posted on 04/06/10

It's going to be the biggest media event in the last 15 years, after President Obama's inauguration, the media buzz. Tiger Woods returns to golf at the Master's tournament in Augusta, Ga. But why does anyone really care anymore?

The good folks at Salon.com weren't too happy with the media coverage of his professional resurrection (Click here for the Atlantic's roundup of news coverage) and honestly, I just find this story absurd and tedious at the same time.

I mean, he had a lot of affairs. The notion of "sex addiction" is ridiculous. He was just high on his own fame and was so reckless it seemed he wanted to get caught. Now, based on crowd reaction during his practice round Monday, he's more famous than ever. We all love a good once-was-lost-but-now-am-found story.

But woe unto him if he can't deliver on the golf course. We like winners, whether they can keep their little tigers under control or not.

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