What Not To Do When on Trial for Manslaughter

Christine Whelan | Posted on 04/05/10

James Ray is looking down the barrel of yet another lawsuit from folks who prepaid for his self-help seminars, and now won't get to hear his words of wisdom because... oh, right... he's on trial for three counts of manslaughter for his actions in his last self-help seminar. More than 1,000 people may be lining up for their money back, so what does he do? Lay the groundwork for new products, of course.

Online, Ray is giving advice for free... seven principles to create a fulfilling life. But the advice is a loosely masked sales pitch for future seminars. The first two of his principles are sound - each of us must find our purpose and our vision (and that vision does not involve putting people in a small, incredibly hot tent and blocking the only exit) - but then... wait for it... here's the hard sell. To succeed at your purpose and vision, you need HIM and more of his services - a mentor, a practice, a coach, a group and a retreat.

Guess he's got to make money somehow. But seriously, who are these people who are taking advice, via podcast, from a man on trial for manslaughter?

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